Use ‘Stats Incredible’ for your year-end reflection

We’re approaching the end of another year. Wondering where the year went and why they keep going by so fast. Looking forward to a break. 

The other day I was looking ahead to next year and, if I’m honest, feeling a bit anxious about the uncertainty. The anxiety comes in the form of two questions. What will happen? How will I navigate what happens? 

I have little control over the first question.  But I can do something about the second. Often that’s where the mind games of self-doubt and impostor syndrome come in. So instead of entering the anxious spiral of doom I decided to gather some facts and play the simple game of….

Stats Incredible!* 

A few simple steps to generate meaningful statistics on how the year has been. If you already have performance measures in place, use this process to see if anything is missing:

1. Identify the key activities or achievements in your role that you can measure.  A few of mine are coaching hours, group presentations, new clients and articles written. 

2. Tally them up. I went through my calendar (and other reporting software I have) for the year and counted my activities. 

3. Then share them with someone. Say “stats incredible!” at the end of each result if you’d like to add a bit of fun (and cheesiness)!

*I’ve borrowed the name from a segment on Radio Sport NZ that used to play a few years ago. 

I found a great sense of satisfaction from this exercise (it took about an hour). The objectivity helped. It broadened my perspective on the present moment, building confidence for the coming year.  The data itself told a story and brought to mind stories where I’ve delivered value. It also reminded me of things to improve on. 

Intentional and frequent reflective practices are essential for high performance. To wrap up last year, I wrote an article titled ‘Reflect to move forward‘. I’ll use the six key questions again to follow up the Stats Incredible exercise for this year. I’d invite you to do the same:

  • Where did I make my biggest contribution this year? 
  • What has changed for the better because of my work?
  • What are three key things I have learned this year? 
  • Where did I get my biggest sense of progress?
  • In what areas of my job did I feel like I had the most freedom or control? 
  • What did I do to become more productive (tools used, work delegated, new habits etc)?

I’d love to hear how this goes for you.

Also, I’m interested in diving into real workplace situations. Would you like me to write about a challenge you’re facing (anonymously of course)? Or a theme you’re interested in? Send through your suggestions.

Wishing you a wonderful Festive Season and great success for the coming year.

Doug Maarschalk guides workplace teams to become more ‘human’ by growing a culture of contribution, learning and empowerment. He is a facilitator, consultant and coach who helps teams get clear on their strategy and change their thinking to become high performing. He’s worked with clients in the horticulture, banking, logistics and manufacture sectors along with local government. Read more about the Services Doug provides and the Clients he has worked with.