Influencing an Ecosystem

Reading Time: 4 minutes We need to see our organisation as an ecosystem and not a machine.  We need to see people as agents influencing the ecosystem from within.

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Regaining our Sense of Direction

Reading Time: 3 minutes “Two strokes to the right, then punch into it.” These were the words of our guide as we navigated another rapid down the mighty Zambezi River.

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Man standing in mist

Into the Unknown

Reading Time: 4 minutes The other day my 7 year old daughter passionately belted out the theme song from Frozen 2. Not entirely in tune but the passion made

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Ripples on water

The Ripples of What We Say

Reading Time: 3 minutes Within every organisation I’ve worked in, I’ve found a tension. It’s around how we talk about people when they aren’t around. Often, we have to talk

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A plan for repaying Cultural Debt

Reading Time: 3 minutes In the last article, we explored ‘cultural debt’ which is when we borrow against the positive aspects of culture to meet short-term objectives. As a result, often, we see disengagement in our

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